CV Fuel for Kilcormac Young People

Offaly YouthBank fund 9 worthy youth projects

The 2014 Offaly YouthBank based itself in Kilcormac this year.  A group of 18-25 year olds volunteered to be grant-makers, supported and trained by Maedhbh Gordon through the Offaly Local Development Company.

The YouthBank went through a long process from advertising their grant pot, sifting through applications, interviewing and scoring before making their final decsions. 

1. Kilcruttin Ladies €700
The funding was given towards materials for the set-up of a new youth project on Kilcruttin Traveller halting site. The young women are aged 15-22 years and will be trained as leaders to facilitate the project. This is a response to the young women being unable to attend any youth clubs as their culture does not permit them to mix with boys. They hope to be able to offer to the young girls growing up on the site a space where they can meet and do activities together and have fun. 

2. School of Rock €400
Funding towards a 2 week training course in song writing and performing. It provides opportunities for young musicians to network with other bands further develop their understanding of the music industry and perform an end of year event as part of Birr Vintage week. Over the course of the two weeks young people work together to developing teambuilding skills, confidence, and leadership, negotiation and delegation skills.

3. Frankford Football Club €700
The money was given to fund a Soccer Youth Drive where young adults involved in the club would be trained to work with the younger members by teaching them soccer skills; keeping them involved in the club as mentors to the younger members. This will help instil leadership skills, promoting health, advocacy and building friendships. The club are hoping that this will help young people talk and support each other more particularly around topics of bullying and peer pressure and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

4. The Girls Get Going (SUB project Birr) €300
The girls in the group identified that there was not a lot of physical activities that the girls wanted to do being offered in the project. To address this they designed a series of exercise and fitness workshops that they wanted to participate in. It is also hoped that exposure to health and fitness will help them choose a healthier lifestyle and effect positive mental health. The funding was given towards the cost of these workshops.

5. Treo Oige an Clarach €700
The funding was given towards the cost of a community event to engage with young people to reflect on the choices that they make. Themes like healthy relationships, lifestyle choices, mental health, leadership and advocacy. Positive taster camps will be available highlighting these topics.

6. Tullamore Venture Scouts €700
This group was funded for Confidence building workshops. The venture scouts often help with Beavers and have identified that confidence and self-esteem are low at times with the younger group. To address this they are going to work with animals and their care to help give the beavers a sense of responsibility and confidence around their abilities.

7. Daingean Youth Club YAP €300
Funding towards a fun day for teens centred on the theme of youth mental health. Activities will be organised for 12-18 year olds that promote positive mental health and wellbeing. Educational talks and workshops will also be organised on the day.

8. Banagher Foroige €700
Bullying and cyber bullying were identified by the youth in the club as a significant issue. To  address these they are organising a series of workshops and talks on how to deal with bullying, and protect yourself from cyber bullying. These will be aimed at parents and youths on separate evenings.

9. Kilcormac Scouts €300
As a result of a recent survey carried out in Kilcormac which identified the lack of activities and opportunities for youth a scout group has been set up so that those in beavers can move into scouts and continue to engage and be supported by the organisation. They hope to offer a space to young people to meet, undertake activities and projects and build strong, confident and young leaders. The funding was towards equipment needed.

The Halloween themed celebration event took place in Kilcormac community centre and marked all the hard work of the grant making committee as well as an opportunity to congratulate the grant recipient groups.  It was a fantastic night and was supported by a popular local young band called JigJam.

The young people involved in YouthBank spoke very highly of the process they went through whilst running their grant making committee and the valuable life skills involved.  They certainly have clocked up some very impressive CV fuel for their future employment prospects.  Well done to all involved !! 

For more information on the Offaly YouthBank you can contact Maedhbh :